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See the Forest Discussion (aka “The One”)

This is possibly the easiest online discussion type or “template” to implement. It is indispensable in any new or redesigned online course. I call it “see the forest discussion,” but most people call similar activities “exit tickets.” The interesting part is that it isn’t really a “discussion” in the strict sense, but is worth considering, if you don’t use it.

How to build a 7-day jigsaw discussion

This is a really simple “template” for a week-long, time-sequenced online “jigsaw-type discussion,” and its potential effectiveness in promoting recall, and transfer of knowledge, is based on fairly basic, but solid, and well-established research evidence summarized at the end of this post.

Never, never, never of online discussions

Online discussions in some ways they are better than traditional face-to-face synchronous discussions. They are more equitable, giving everyone time to think, and leveling the playing field for intro- and extroverts (who are always guaranteed to win in face-to-face discussions!).

Really Useful Books on TandL (No Edu-Junk Here!)

Every year hundreds of new T&L books are published, and 90% of them are not very useful (I call these edu-junk). Some are quite useful, but could have worked much better as an article or a blog post instead. Here is a very minimalist, curated super-short list of long-time favorites, and a few new acquaintances with a lot of promise (click the covers for link, or click “more info” for… more info!).